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Wine shortage to follow poor 2012 grape harvest - A poor grape harvest in 2012 is predicted to lead to a shortage of wine across the world. See website »
BBC Business News 31st October 2012

'Puzzled investors should put some silver, wine, art and gold into their SWAG bag.'
James Saft – Independent 16th August 2012

'The increasingly global appeal of fine wine investment has seen more and more students from countries across the world heading to France to learn about the business. This is according to Frank Chausse, director of Cafa formation, a private wine school based in Bordeaux in the South of France.'
Ditton Wine Traders, Fine Wine News 24th July 2012

Michael Daymond-King, Director, Bordeaux Index says that long term stability is one of the joys of investing in the wine market. He further explains why wine is a winner among other asset classes - Watch the video »
Good Time to Invest in Wine: Expert: CNBC 20th July 2012

'Millionaires and billionaires are ploughing increasing amounts of money into precious jewellery, art and fine wine as they grow more disenchanted with the returns from shares and cash deposits.'
The Times Money Section 16th July 2012

'I always think of Bordeaux as Formula One, wherever I go in the world, all winemakers want to show their wines against the wines of Bordeaux. It is still the benchmark and, within our lives will remain so.'
Jonathan Malthus, owner of Château Teyssier (St. Émillion) - Wall Street Journal 13th July 2012

'There is no shortage of passion for wine in Hong Kong. Ever since the scrapping of duty in 2008, the city has become the envy of the world for the diverse choice of fine wines readily available.'
Joy Li – The Standard 6th July 2012

'Our forecasts show that the Asian market will continue to grow – we expect a 4% increase in consumption by 2015. It is a very important thing. It’s not only the success of the show (Vinexpo), but it’s a question of if there is a market. Yes, the market is there and the market is growing fast.'
Robert Beynat, chief executive of Vinexpo – Decanter 13th June 2012

'The fine wine market is expected to grow by 10% in 2012 as strong value buying opportunities for buyers and investors emerge says a global survey of the wine trade.'
Harpers Magazine 15th February 2012

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